Guidelines Consensus Meeting

HerniaSurge World Guidelines for Groin Hernia Management

Date: June 7, 2016, Time: 1400-1530, Location: WTC convention centre. Plenary Session

The HerniaSurge Group kindly invites all participants of the EHS Congress to come to this EHS Rotterdam Highlight.

In this exciting session the HerniaSurge Group will present the World Guidelines for Groin Hernia Management. The Guidelines contain 125 Statements and 86 Recommendations but the focus will be on 50 “KEY” Statements and Recommendations that have been selected as most challenging and interesting. It will be organized as a Consensus Voting Session and naturally we anticipate maximum attendance by all participants of the congress. All congress delegates can digitally vote (bring your smartphone fully charged) on the statements and recommendations and hence will be engaged in determining the consensus level. Aim is to reach consensus on the most optimal management of groin hernias worldwide.

Three PARTS (1. Treatment, 2. Aspects and 3. Quality) have been put online so that participants can prepare for the meeting. The Guidelines are a DRAFT, but will offer the background information necessary to be able to vote with the support of evidence in the Guidelines. The “KEY” statements are shaded in YELLOW. Please download the Guidelines on one of the following sites: or the EHS website:

Online you will also find a summary of all Key Questions, Statements and Recommendations.

Moderators: Maarten Simons (coordinator), Marc Miserez (EHS), David Chen (AHS), Hanh Tran (Australasian HS), Rachid Sani (AMEHS), Pradeep Chowbey (APHS), Jaap Bonjer (EAES), Reinhard Bittner (IEHS)
Speakers: Maarten Simons, Nadine van Veenendaal, Marc Miserez, Jaap Bonjer, Gabrielle van Ramshorst, Reinhard Bittner, Pradeep Chowbey, Hanh Tran, Wolfgang Reinpold, David Chen, Rachid Sani

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